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Sergey Cherep

St. Petersburg, Russia

Atlanta, GA

Bright Vivid Post Impressionist Sergey Cherep was born in St. Petersburg Russia. He was paralyzed by meningitis as a child he found comfort in painting. Trained at the prestigious Serevo Institute he learned classic painting but found a natural friction. "We did very traditional painting...there was no freedom. There was no such thing as abstract because it was considered very western and evil." Being a fresh art school graduate in 1988 Russia was not easy. The fall of communism and the rise of black markets forced him to sell his work to organized crime.

At 21 without knowing any English he decided to move to America and landed in Atlanta. Inspired by the new american landscape Sergey developed his now famous style. His bright colors and energetic style echo Van Gogh. "The bold unrealistic colors and expressive brush stokes of my predecessor are my tools."