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Auction On The Lawn

Join us August 23rd for our first Auction On The Lawn.

Imagine a night enjoying a glass of wine or a margarita and bidding on some great art.

Quit Imagining! Grab a friend.

The party starts at 8 and is free to attend.

Meet Featured artist Liao Da Yuan

Mr. Liao Da Yuan is an artist from China known for his exceptional dedication. While back home, he has dauntlessly condemned the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship for its cruel persecutory atrocities committed against its own citizens. Unfortunately as a result, he became a target of persecution.

In 2010, he fled China to Indonesia and has been living in exile ever since then. In Indonesia he obtained asylum protection from the United Nations Refugee Agency. On February 19, 2014 he arrived in the Unites States and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

As an Artist, he expresses freely through his artwork in a great diversity topics with no material bondage limitation. In his work, one can see how he profoundly examines the destiny of mankind, and ultimately the truth of the universe, as well as true nature’s beauty. His art pieces are magnanimous and ethereal with ancient esoteric spirit, and cause a tremendous stir in the human psyche to give the viewers a sense of awakening and powerful pure energy.