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Michael Mirabella

An Atlanta & New York City-based freelance photographer, Mirabella’s passion began with a borrowed camera.

In 1984, Mirabella accepted a friend’s offer to use his Canon A1 manual camera prior to an impending trip to Greece.  After a brief tutorial on F-stops and shutter speeds, Mirabella set off on his first photographic excursion along the ancient streets of Athens and the islands of the Aegean Sea, including Santorini, Mykonos and Ios.

Mirabella continues to carry his camera with him wherever he travels in his quest to capture and share the most evocative perspectives of cityscapes, architecture, landscape and human emotion in their natural ambient surroundings.  

Exploration projects across Europe, the Americas, and the Hawaiian Islands have inspired Mirabella’s approach to photography, with a specific focus on the grand city of New York. His soulful expression in every photograph encourages the viewer to bring their own perspective to the image.

Composition, color and light play integral roles in Mirabella’s photography, which is now being displayed in NYC and Atlanta galleries, along with restaurants in Atlanta and New York.  He and his son Michael, recently held their first collaborative opening exhibit at Sedgwick Gallery in the Atlanta area.  Mirabella currently has a permanent display at the Sedgwick location in Alpharetta.

Michael is pleased to present his photography collection in the hopes of sharing some of life’s most discerning moments through the lens of his camera.