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Brooke Major

Normandy, France

Clayton, GA

Artist statement:

While auditing art classes at the fine art school in Paris, France, I was told that painting was finished. There was apparently nothing else that could be discovered in painting. Since my passion was painting, and my second passion was sculpting, I decided to use the art professor’s statement in order to prove the contrary and sculpt paint. I have chosen monochrome white since white is a reflection of light and can be changed into any color the collector would like to make the painting with different colored lights. By just changing the optical illusion of the paintings by lighting from all different directions, I also discovered that I enjoy lighting them from behind. While admiring different kinds of antique lampshades and translucent porcelain vases while living in an 11th/ /16th century chateau in Normandy, France, I felt the necessity to try the same illusion with my artwork and I am very pleased to be able to display it in this manner to create yet many pieces of art captured into one. I am unique, so is that of my art. Copying is for machines, being original is for true artists.